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VP&P Automotive Consult was founded in 2007 by Frederik van Putten, a Dutchman with many years of experience at director and board level in the automotive industry.

Among others, he gained his expertise in the passenger car sector at Renault, Volkswagen, Audi and Rover/LandRover as well as in the truck sector at DAF and MAN Truck & Bus.

In addition, Frederik van Putten was a long-standing member of the Dutch motorsport association KNAF, among others as deputy board member and as chairman of the board.

VP&P Automotive Consult has specialised in the areas of interim management and coaching in the automotive and automotive supply industry due to its extensive expertise and advises investment banks and fund companies on developments in the automotive industry.

Frederik van Putten, VP&P Consult Consulting Automotive & Automotive supply industrie


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  • Supervisory & Board Memberships
  • Awards & Honours

35 years of experience at the highest level in the automotive industry – both cars and trucks – Fred can also draw on an unparalleled network in this ever-changing and dynamic industry.

  • 2007-today
    CEO & Founder / Investor / International Manager,  VP&P Consult & Projects, Germany
  • 2018-2022
    Consultant Management & Project Manager Used Vehicle Centre Hildesheim, Truckport Hannover-Hamburg GmbH, Germany
  • 2018
    Senior Consultant,  Orten Electrics Truck, Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
  • 2015-2016
    Interim Director of Export Sales,  JSC AvtoVaz/ LADA Cars, Togliatti, Russia
  • 2011-2015
    Managing Partner DAF Authorised Dealer,  Truckport Hannover-Hamburg GmbH, Germany
  • 2001-2007
    Managing Director,  MAN Truck & Bus AG & MAN Finance International Holding GmbH, Munich, Germany
  • 1995-2001
    Director/Managing Director, DAF Trucks/Paccar, Netherland
  • 1986-1995
    Director/Managing Director, AUSTIN ROVER Gruppe, Netherland & Germany
  • 1982-1985
    Chief Sales Officer,  RENAULT Nederland N.V., Netherland
  • 1975-1982
    Sales Manager, AUTO Domstad,VW & AUDI Händler, Netherland
  • 1969-1974
    Assistent of the Management, Ames Dordrecht, VW & Audi Händler, Netherland

Supervisory & Board Memberships

2008-2015                      Supervisory, Cayla Consulting Group AG, Munich – Germany

2008-2015                      Board Membership, Amega Holding B.V.Dordrecht,  Netherland

Honorary Memberships

2010-2018                      Chairman, Deutsch-Niederländisches Geschäfts-Forum e.V., Munich – Germany

2014-2022                      e.V. President, Porsche Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Sales Management Association (SMA)

1999: “National Sales manager of the year“, Netherland

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Get in contact with us!
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Copyright 2023 by VP&P Consult. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by VP&P Consult. All rights reserved.